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Welcome to Peter Albertson!

We are a privately owned company based in Lagos, Nigeria focussed on the emerging technology. We started out in Information Technology, Training and Consultancy in 2001 under the trading name of Peter Albertson & Associates and have 3 shareholders and management team of experienced and well tested professionals.


We cater for people who are strongly motivated, know what they want and are determined to achieve their goals by engaging the best, people who have decided to enhance their personal professional competence to grow and achieve success!

Albert Imologomhe Director of Training/CEO


Our primary goal is to become the preferred Information Technology, Project Management and e-Business Solutions partner in Nigeria, with high customer satisfaction.


Whatever industrial sector you belong our services and training courses have been carefully packaged to suit you whether your motive is to develop your strategic approach or to increasing your effectiveness or simply to get the best from your investments.


And whatever is your interest you will deepen your knowledge, increase your effectiveness and be equipped with the latest techniques,tools and practical solutions you need to achieve excellence in your role and respond successfully to the threats and opportunities created by the current Nigeria economic climate.

Our Core Values

At Peter Albertson, we hold in high esteem our relationship with our clients and our employees. Over the years we have realised that certain core values are very important for success.

These are:

  1. honesty,
  2. hard work,
  3. trust ,
  4. responsibility,
  5. respect and
  6. fairness.

Our belief is that paying attention to the above will drive value for our company, our services,products our employees and most importantly you.


Above all, we pride ourselves in the manner we deliver our services to you; in the same way we would want to be served.


By the way, do you know there is a much greater need in the world for software engineers who can write code than there will ever be supply? There is never a better time than now for you to start learning new skills like Programming or Coding?  You do not need any previous programming or technical knowledge to start, all you need is determination. In short, you can start now!


Learning how to program with us is fun, anyone can do it. It is our desire to make everybody over the age of 9 in Nigeria learn how to Code. Coding is the new literacy!.


Since technology touches every part of our life, if you can create technology you can control your destiny,help your family, your country and change the world.


Don’t miss out! Contact Us today to discuss and reserve your place in one of our courses.

Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.-Abraham Lincoln